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"What a great experience! Models for a Day was very professional yet fun and comfortable. It's an amazing girls night out or portfolio builder. Have an awesome time and feel beautiful."

-Samantha McCreery

"Models for a day” was truly a glamorous experience. In one day, I was able to fulfill my childhood dream of feeling like a movie star and super model. The “Models for a day” team really put in a lot of details to fulfill my experience. The hair and makeup team made me look as beautiful as ever and Matt, the photographer, helped me feel confident in front of the camera. When I viewed my photos, I was astonished by their amazing quality and I was very eager to show them off to all my friends and family. If only my “Models for a day” experience was everyday!"

-Aleks Bush

"I was transformed into this exceptionally beautiful liking of myself. My pictures were breathtaking! I almost couldn't believe it was me! It was a fabulous experience."

-Denise Davern

"There is nothing better than being confident in your own skin and seeing that confidence shine through in photographs. That is exactly what Matt and his team does; they bring out personality that sometimes you might not have even known you had. Becoming a 'Model for a Day' was truly a unique experience; one in which I wouldn't mind reliving on a daily basis. The day was full of excitement, creativity, and professionalism and I was overjoyed with the end result – a dynamic experience, increased confidence, and photographs that I can keep forever and look back on with happiness. One of my favorite quotes is 'you inspire the uninspired' and that is exactly what Matt and his team does. Thank you for the experience and the memories."

-Amanda McAdam