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You will be a model for a day.

Take part in an exhilarating experience that you will remember forever! Be a professional model for a day. It's a fun, creative and educational experience for everyone.

Models for a Day Chicago will guide you through the exciting process of being a model. Each model will be pampered by a pro makeup artist and a pro hair stylist. Then the excitement builds! You begin your fabulous 3-wardrobe fashion photo shoot with beauty and fitness photographer Matt Ferguson. It's a perfect gift idea for birthdays, graduations or bachelorette parties. Models for a Day Chicago is the real thing because you are working with talented professionals that create photography for big city advertising campaigns. It's the same experience that pro models have and you will absolutely love it!


These prices include a pro hair stylist and a pro makeup artist.

$510 each for the TRIO Package: You and 2 friends ($1530.00 total)

$630 each for the DUO Package: You and 1 friend; this is perfect for mothers and daughters ($1260.00 total)

$735 for our ROYAL Package: One model treated like royalty

Payment is due in full two weeks prior to your shoot date. You can mail a check or call us to use your credit card.

Tight budget? We may have a solution to save you money. Contact us about our custom shoot. It's not for everyone, but if you do your own hair and makeup, we may customize a shoot that works for you and your budget. Call for details at 630-254-9545.


Every model will choose their 3 final images from our secure Web gallery. You can purchase more than 3 photographs; additional images are $95 each. Angel skin retouching is an additional $150 for 3 photographs. We are talking about that soft, angelic, radiant quality that is in makeup ads in magazines and displays at makeup counters. This is very popular. This is optional, but recommended.


On shoot day, arrive at the studio with clean hair and a clean face. Guys should have a light beard and bring shaving gear. We may photograph you both a little scruffy and clean-shaven. Ladies, consider a Natural or French mani and pedi. This will help your photos look great, and help you feel the same. Be on time. Shoot time will either be at 7:30 am or 12:30 pm, depending upon the day's schedule.


Begin by planning your photo shoot concepts. Email us photos that you like from fashion magazines. Send us ideas of the kind of images you want us to create of you. Examples of looks may include high fashion, mysterious, romantic, natural, flirty, edgy, athletic or sporty. Have some fun with this. Get creative. Push your boundaries.

Go shopping! Look for beautiful and colorful clothing, and leave the tags on so you can return them. Buy edgy, interesting and expensive clothes. You will need 3 full wardrobe changes, but bring lots of extra miscellaneous pieces as well. Pull some fabulous stuff from your closet. Accessories too! Don't forget shoes and jewelry. We like big rings and big necklaces. Most models bring a suitcase or two, like they are traveling for two weeks. This is perfect; wardrobe options are terrific. You never know what we might use; it's a creative process.

Email us a few preliminary photographs right away. After viewing the photographs, Madison, our stylist, can communicate with you to coordinate a plan and design your looks. We need full length, back, front, left and right views in simple wardrobe, like shorts and a t-shirt, or a swimsuit. We also need close up head and shoulder photos, with light makeup on, to prep for hair and makeup. These don't have to be great photographs. Sharp images shot with natural light near a window or against a white wall are fine. Hurry, we need these right away!

We need details about your hair: is it colored, straightened, curly or dry? The more details we have, the better.


Fire away! We like questions and are happy to answer them. Call or email us; whatever works for you.


Keep in touch, and remember to send your concepts and recent photos right away to Then we'll have plenty of time to plan and create the very best images of you and your friends.

Thank you so very much for your interest!

Matt Ferguson

(630) 254-9545
(312) 829-0890